Fence Slat Cap

Our privacy slats and caps are made to slide snugly into chain link fences by DIYs (Do-It-Yourself)

Rigid Winged Privacy Slats
Chain Link Fence

Lamelles Vert 90% POly-Satc Lamelles Noir 95%

The privacy slats manufactured by POLY-STAC are :

-completely manufactured in Quebec, Canada by Poly-stac, a Canadian owned company.

-made with high quality HDPE including UV absorbers that protects the base resin from the effects of sunlight, which extends the life of our slats.

-« Patented »(CA2478888, CA2126804, CA2538195)

-Easy to install, no experience is needed.

-Available for chain link fences (Frost Style Fencing) between 3 and 12 feet high, difference gauges and square sizes.

-Impact and wear resistant, longer lasting than aluminum slats.

-Resistant against wind and small animals.

-Minimal maintenance required and won’t rust.

Available in several colours.

White, Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Green, Grey, Beige, and Taupe

Couleurs de Lamelles

Actual colours may differ from those shown.


Residential Super Privacy Slats #1

(90% Privacy)
with self locking caps
ideal for
9g PVC coated fence 36"-72"

Black Slats

Commercial Privacy Slats #2

with self locking caps
ideal for
9g PVC coated fence >72"
9g galv. fence

Privacy Slats for Commercial Fence

Industrial Privacy Slats #3

with bottom track
ideal for
6g Galv. or Vinyl Chain Link

Privacy Slats for Industriel Fence
Privacy Slats for REsidential Fence

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